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The Driver


The Driver - This is a 48 hour film contest. You show up and they give you a packet of what genre you shoot, a line of dialogue, a character and a prop. You then have 48 hours to produce, write, shoot and edit the film. This is what we got... Sports Movie, You've gone to far, Pete Tharpe/Occupation Driver and sand bucket.



THE MAGIC WAND - This is the one film I didn't direct. I played the boy with the magic wand. But it's one of my favorites. If you were 8 and had a magic wand what would you do with it?



THE KISS - A girl threatens to beat me up if I don't kiss her. I go to my brother for help which was a big mistake. * Played in 3 festivals including Athens, Greece **Won best movie made by a kid in a festival.



BATHTUB BANDIT - A kid terrorizes the neighborhood and goes on a crime and murder spree. After the murders he likes to take a bath in the victim's house. * View this before showing your kids.



OFFICE DAD - A kid is promised over and over by his dad that the dad will play with him. The dad seems to be way to busy to play with his kids. The tables are turned on him at the end. Hit home anyone? : ) *Won best movie made by a kid in festival.



BOWLING CHAMP - A dad challenges his sons to a Bowling match every year. The kids aren't into it but the dad sure is. * Side note my dad rips off his shirt in this movie. Although it sounds scary it's still a comedy.



DOUBLE TROUBLE - Check this free movie