Thanks for visiting my website! I have been making/acting in films for eight years now. I'm from a small town in Idaho which seems like a very far way place from Hollywood. How does a kid 843 miles away from LA get "discovered?" Well, I finally figured it out! And once I did I couldn’t believe it took me that long.


If you are new to the acting game or know someone that wants to act I have produced an ebook that will GUARENTEE you will be in a movie. It doesn’t matter if you are from a small town of 200 or a huge city. You can do this! Just like I did! When you follow this plan you will be in a movie thirty days after reading this or sooner. I’m not talking about extra work. I’m saying you will have a line or many lines in a movie within thirty days.


This ebook will give you a step by step blueprint on how to become an actor for TV or the big screen. This ebook does NOT cover theatre or modeling. If you have ever dreamed of being in movies this is for you.


Wait until you read this… I SKYPED FROM MY BEDROOM and became the lead of a feature length film. They even picked me up in a stretch limousine! There are a lot of tricks I used that I give you in this ebook. You can do this too. Check out what the Director of the movie Andrew Papke said to a news reporter about me and my skype, “We initially planned to cast only out of Illinois, and I auditioned Connor under the mistaken notion that he was local. But after his audition, we knew our movie needed him to be in it, so we flew him in from Idaho on our dime.” What he didn’t mention was that I also got to pick the food on set and they gave me an Audi for the entire time I was there to get around the city. You can have this too!


As I update this on March 1st, 2014 my latest short Double Trouble was selected as an official entrant into the prestigious Sun Valley Film Festival. I’m down to two people for a role in a movie with an Academy Award Winner and I’m up for a role in a new series.

Thank you so much for reading this. If you have any direct questions shoot me an email at